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Super Lemonade Factory is now on Steam. We were Greenlit, and will be available from 9th July 2014


Super Lemonade Factory is now on Ouya.

itch.io stats:
Page views: 18711
Purchases: 29
Downloads: 5857


Super Lemonade Factory source code is available now!

iOS Source Code + Pixel Art + Tile Sets

AIR Source Code + Pixel Art + Tile Sets


Super Lemonade Factory is out now! Sign up to play the demo now!

Super Lemonade Factory is platformer with puzzle elements made for iOS, and now on PC and Mac.

The game features two playable characters called Andre and Liselot who are a married couple and own and operate a soft drink factory in the prosperous and tumultuous times of post-WWII.

Need help? Head over to the forums.

Super Lemonade Factory is a game by: Initials

Creative Director: Shane Brouwer

Pixel Artwork: Miguelito

Soundtrack: Easyname

Marketing: Surprise Attack

Illustration: Doggerland

Trailer Voice Artist: Gulpy

Cut Scene Voice Artist: Roy Kelly

Powered by: Flixel

Level Editor: Ogmo Editor

For help or technical support please contact support [at] initialsgames [dot] com




Total soft drinks served world wide

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